Plenary Speakers


Prof. Dr. Lidia Morawska
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Ultrafine particles: outside the box or not yet?


Dr. Roel Schins
IUF – Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine, Düsseldorf, Germany

Health effects of particles beyond the lung: from cellular to systemic effects


Dr. Mar Viana
EGAR at IDAEA, Barcelona, Spain

Ultrafine particles in industrial workplaces: sources, health impacts and mitigation strategies


Dr. Mandana Mazaheri
NSW Government, Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Sydney, Australia

Children’s personal exposure to ultrafine particles – how far have we come?


Prof. Dr. Hai Guo
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Particulate and gaseous organic compounds in typical Asian homes


Prof. Dr. Alfred Wiedensohler
Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS), Leipzig, Germany

Indoor particle exposure and its relationship to outdoors: A Study of particle number, mass concentrations and size distirbutions in 40 Homes in Germany


Prof. Dr. Giorgio Buonanno 
University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy

Do waste incinerators contribute to the airborne particle dose received by urban citizens?


Prof. Dr. Martin Ebert
Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany

What can we learn from single particle characterization?


Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Goss
Helmholtz UFZ, Leipzig, Germany

Sorption to aerosols – a systematic approach


Prof. Dr. Linsey Marr
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, United States

A Gigasecond Perspective on Nanomaterials in Consumer Products


Prof. Dr. Michael Waring
Drexel University, Philadelphia, United States

SLOAN Symposium